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Our advanced header bidding solution allows publishers to seamlessly monetize 100% of their site’s inventory. With our versatile features, you can get the most out of every single ad slot on your web page.

What is Header bidding?

    A Header Bidding Wrapper is a tool that allows publishers to manage and optimize their header bidding setup. It is built on top of a popular open-source library called Prebid.js, which provides a basic framework for implementing header bidding on a website.

    A tailor-made Header Bidding Wrapper, like the one described, offers additional customization options and features beyond those provided by the stock version of Prebid.js.

    These customizations may include things like advanced analytics, improved user interface, and support for additional ad exchanges and demand partners. These additional features can help publishers to better understand their revenue and user engagement, and also to increase revenue by expanding the number of ad partners.

    Some examples of the customized features that may be included in a tailor-made Header Bidding Wrapper include:

    • Advanced analytics: This could include detailed reporting on revenue and user engagement, as well as the ability to track the performance of individual ad units and ad partners.

    • Advanced targeting: The wrapper may allow for more granular targeting options, such as targeting by device type, geographic location, or user behavior.

    • Support for additional ad exchanges and demand partners: By adding support for more ad partners, the wrapper can help publishers increase their revenue potential by allowing them to access a wider range of ad inventory.

    • Improved user interface: The wrapper may include a more user-friendly interface for setting up and managing header bidding, making it easier for publishers to make changes and optimize their ad setup.

    • Advanced optimization: The wrapper may include features like dynamic price floors, timeouts, and latency management which can help to improve the overall performance of header bidding.

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