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Pros of Advergic

Access to Premium Ad Exchanges

We have partnered with premium Ad Exchanges & we’ll connect your site(s) to help boost the overall RPMs

Smart Refreshes

Our highly innovative ad refresh technology almost doubles your daily impressions number adding great value towards boosting your ad revenues.

Custom Header Bidding Solution

Our tailor-made Header Bidding Wrapper has tons of customized features on top of stock Prebid.js

Lazily loading ads to improve viewability

Our tech loads the ads lazily and is equally compatible with highly customized SPA sites. We make sure even the footer ads return great viewability numbers, and you do not have to rely on ATF units only.

Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

We have the capability to run & manage all your Programmatic Guaranteed deals.

AdX integration within your existing Ad Manager

Right off the bat, we will integrate Google AdX within your existing Ad Manager account, where the CPMs are much higher than standard AdSense

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Exponentially increasing leading publisher’s revenue

While increasing our revenues significantly, Advergic has taken care of our monetization processes in totality. We can now entirely focus on content with having complete peace of mind in how our high-value ad campaigns are run, implemented and maintained.

Bilal Jamil

CEO, Startup Pakistan

Advergic has been killing it with boosting our revenues big time! And on top of that, they’ve taken care of all the monetization stuff for us so we can just chill and focus on creating awesome content. No more worrying about how our fancy ad campaigns are running, it’s all taken care of.

Hasan Shabbir

Founder HSK Digital

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