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Instream Video Advertising - IAB Tech Lab's New Parameters

Instream Video Advertising – IAB Tech Lab’s New Parameters

Instream video advertising has become an integral part of the digital advertising landscape. With the rise of…

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Instream video advertising has become an integral part of the digital advertising landscape. With the rise of new video channels such as digital and Connected TV (CTV), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab has recognized the need for revised instream video parameters to align with the evolving industry.

These updated standards aim to enhance addressability, transparency, and sustainability in the world of instream video advertising. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the impact of IAB Tech Lab’s new instream video standards, explore the push for more captive viewing experiences, discuss the implications for publishers, and highlight how Advergic can support these changes.

Understanding the IAB Tech Lab’s New Instream Video Parameters

The IAB Tech Lab’s recent update to digital video definitions brings significant changes for both publishers and advertisers. The primary objective is to reduce the amount of video that publishers can sell as instream while providing advertisers with greater transparency into their ad purchases.

The revised parameters aim to ensure that instream ads offer a more immersive viewing experience, similar to traditional TV. Whether the video ad is part of long-form or short-form content, it must now be an integral part of the core viewing experience, with sound on or clear viewer intent to watch.

For instance, imagine a user visiting a webpage to read an article about the New York Knicks’ playoff performance. As they scroll through the page, a video player within the article starts playing content about the rise in online sports betting, featuring a pre-roll ad for a sports betting service. Although this video content may seem related to the Knicks and sports in general, it does not directly align with the user’s original intent. According to the new IAB definition, this would be classified as “Accompanying Content” rather than instream inventory.

These updated video definitions offer advertisers more granularity and transparency, shedding light on video advertising as a whole. Savvy advertisers may discover opportunities to purchase high-quality video that may not fall under the traditional instream category. However, this shift may also require additional effort from advertisers to strike a balance between cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and performance when executing CTV and online video campaigns.

Moving Beyond Linear: The Push for More Captive Viewing with Instream Ads

In recent years, millions of viewers have shifted from watching linear TV to newer video channels like digital and CTV. This convergence of video and TV has prompted the IAB to revise their definition of instream video to better support clarity across the ad industry.

The IAB’s goal is to encourage more captive viewing experiences with instream ads. Regardless of the video ad’s duration or the type of content it accompanies, it must now be a fundamental part of the viewer’s core experience. This means that the video ad should either have sound on or clear viewer intent to watch.

The new definition ensures that viewers have a consistent and immersive experience when consuming video content across different platforms. By aligning with traditional TV viewing experiences, instream ads have the potential to capture viewers’ attention more effectively and drive better ad performance.

Implications for Publishers: Navigating the Changes

One of the key changes that publishers will encounter with the revised instream video parameters is a reduction in the inventory classified as instream. This reduction may have an impact on publishers’ overall revenue, making it crucial for them to partner with supply-side platforms that have the technical capabilities to monetize all types of video inventory effectively.

As the inventory defined as instream video decreases, the competition among brands for a smaller inventory pool may drive up instream CPMs. Publishers need to adapt to these market changes and incorporate them into their future video monetization strategies. In the short term, publishers may need to be more creative in delivering value for advertisers who are willing to explore opportunities beyond instream placements.

To increase the value of non-instream video inventory, publishers can leverage advanced supply-side data targeting capabilities. These capabilities help advertisers eliminate waste within their ad buys and reach their desired audience more effectively. Additionally, publishers can utilize contextual targeting to enhance user engagement by pairing ads with relevant content. By employing these strategies, publishers can maximize their yield while providing advertisers with higher return on investment (ROI).

Advergic: Your Partner in Navigating the Changing Landscape

As a leading provider of programmatic advertising solutions, Advergic is committed to industry standardization and transparency. Advergic has implemented technical changes to support the new IAB video definitions, including the introduction of the ‘plcmt’ field in the bidstream. This new field allows publishers to declare the type of video inventory they offer, facilitating the transition to the revised instream video parameters.

Advergic recognizes that different publishers may have varying timelines and technical resources for adopting these changes. As such, Advergic will continue to support the legacy placement field to accommodate all publisher partners during this transition.

Publishers and marketers can rely on Advergic to simplify the process of targeting campaigns through data-driven Deal IDs, which can be activated in an advertiser’s demand-side platform (DSP) of choice. By leveraging Advergic’s supply-side targeting capabilities, publishers and marketers can effectively navigate the complexities of the new IAB video definitions and drive successful video advertising campaigns.


The new era of instream video advertising brings forth exciting opportunities and challenges for publishers and advertisers alike. The IAB Tech Lab’s revised instream video parameters aim to enhance the viewing experience, transparency, and sustainability of video advertising. Publishers must adapt to the reduction of inventory classified as instream and explore innovative ways to deliver value to advertisers beyond traditional placements.

Advergic serves as a trusted partner in this evolving landscape, supporting publishers and marketers with technical solutions and data-driven targeting capabilities. By embracing these changes, publishers and advertisers can unlock the full potential of instream video advertising and drive successful campaigns in the digital age.

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