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Google November 2023 core update
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The Google November 2023 core update rollout is now complete

The fourth core update of the year, the Google November 2023 core update, has completed its rollout, as confi…

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The fourth core update of the year, the Google November 2023 core update, has completed its rollout, as confirmed by Google. Only a few weeks have passed since the October 2023 core update, which commenced on October 5 and concluded on October 19. Google November Core update 2023 initiated on November 2, 2023 and finished on November 28, 2023—26 days after its release.

Similar to most past core changes, this one felt significant in terms of the quantity of sites experiencing fluctuating rankings and the issues SEOs had regarding the rollout. This November core upgrade got off to a quick start and immediately had a significant impact.

Overlapping update

Remember that the update for Google’s November 2023 reviews began on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, and is currently ongoing. Thus, even though those two upgrades were occurring simultaneously, the effects of each update were felt by the sites at different times.

Why does it matter to us?

All brands, companies, and organizations need to be aware of Google algorithm modifications since they might affect how well your website ranks in search results. Positive or negative changes in rankings resulting from a core upgrade might affect your organic traffic, revenue, and conversions.

Site owners can determine if traffic variations are the consequence of changes made to their site or changes made by Google to their ranking algorithm by being aware of when Google makes these improvements.

What to do if impacted?

Google has previously provided guidance on what to think about if a core upgrade has a negative effect on you:

  • To recover, there are no particular steps that need to be taken. It’s possible that a poor rating doesn’t indicate that there is a problem with your pages.
  • In the event that a core upgrade affects your website, Google has provided a list of questions to think about.
  • According to Google, there may be a slight improvement in between core updates, but the largest change occurs following a subsequent core update.

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