Consent Management Platform – Why is it required for publishers?

Written by Sameen Shahid

September 6, 2021

Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a solution devised for the websites to safeguard the privacy of user data and comply with existing data protection laws across the globe. CMP’s actually deal with the control of user consent with regards to collection and processing of personal information carried out most often through cookies as well as third party trackers. 

Across the globe there are many data privacy laws that deal with the way the user data has to be regulated. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of European Union and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are the two prominent examples of data protection laws. There are many different Consent Management Platforms for the websites to obtain the consent of users for processing of their data. Each such platform has a different technology for regulating user consent.

Why Do Publishers Need CMP

Cookies and trackers on a website are very difficult to locate without a consent management platform. A vast majority of cookies are stored by third party trackers in the users browser. Considerable percentage of cookies are hidden even deeper and nested under multiple other cookies. A wide number of trackers change with repeated visits. CMP tracks all that activity on a website and gives you an in depth analysis of all the personal data processing and third party data tracking that goes on.

Legal Reasons To Gather Data

A user gives consent for his data being collected.

If data collection is inevitable to satisfy the contract to which the subject is party.

If it is necessary to collect data in order to comply with any legal regulation.

If data processing is imminent to protect someone’s life

If data processing is necessary to complete any task that concerns public interest or to perform some official duty.

If you are processing someone’s personal data in purview of legitimate interest.

Consent is a legal requirement, in certain  cases, but also essential in running  an efficient monetization strategy for your business. The best CMPs give a record of compliance through  audit trails that can be accessed anytime to demonstrate compliance and protect you against fines. Also they’re highly customizable in reference to look and feel,  providing flexible implementation options. 

When customers get a clear assurance that the data collection done by business is carried out seriously, it strengthens their trust in the brand. With more and more regulations to come, establishing trust via consent will make consumers feel in control of their personal information and data. 

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