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GAM Delivery – How to create an order, line item and creatives?

When you open Google Ad Manager, it gives you different options on the left side tab. When you click on GAM d…

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When you open Google Ad Manager, it gives you different options on the left side tab. When you click on GAM delivery tab, it presents you with few other options namely Order, Line Item and Creatives etc. This is exactly where the orders, line items and creatives are generated.

Creating an Order under GAM Delivery section

When you click on the orders tab under GAM delivery, you are displayed with the existing orders that are running on your inventory. On the above right is the tab namely New order.

Once you click on the New order button, you need to put the name of the new order and assign advertiser and trafficker to it. You can also add additional optional information like the Advertiser, agency and sales person details etc. When you are done with putting in the information, towards the end you will see three options. ADD LINE ITEM , SAVE and CANCEL. You can click Add Line item to automatically save the order you just created and add line item directly. You can select the SAVE option if you just want to create the Order and plan to add the line items later.

Line Items under GAM Delivery

When an order is created, it needs line items and creatives to start delivering on your inventory. When you create and open an order, it gives you the option to ADD LINE ITEM. Once you click on ADD LINE ITEM, it opens up a new page where you need to enter the details for that specific line item starting from its name. After entering the name you need to select the line item type if it’s Sponsorship, Standard or Price Priority etc. After that you have to add the creative sizes for that line item.

Afterwards, you need to finalize the delivery settings. Here you choose the start and end date for that line item to be delivered, quantity of impressions and the CPM. You can also add the frequency caps at this time if you want to limit the number of impressions served per user.

Last but not the least is the Add Targeting section. You can choose from a variety of targeting like inventory units, geography, devices category, browser and browser language etc.
After finalizing the targeting for this line item, you can click the CHECK INVENTORY feature. It allows you to check the availability of impressions based on the targeting your just selected. It’s not 100% accurate but it can provide you a close-to-accurate forecast.


Creatives section is the most important section of GAM delivery because it contains the actual ads served at the webpage or digital space. These can be anything from images to videos and from audio to third party codes. Once you save the line item, it demands as many creatives as were the creative sizes added to it. For example if a line item had 300×250, 728×90 and 970×250 sizes added to it, once saved, it will ask for 3 creatives, one for each size. Once you click on manage creative, it gives you two options namely Display Ad or Video Ad. You need to select the relevant option. For example if its an image, you click on the Display Ad option. Then you can upload your creative in various formats. An actual image in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, a third party JavaScript creative, an HTML zipped folder, or a custom ad, etc.

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